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I'm a single mother who helps rescue, foster & adopt Pit Bulls in need, whenever it's possible! I have been around the Pit Bull breed for over 15 years. I was a volunteer & member of the MAPBTC, a sanctioned Pit Bull club, for almost 10 years. I was urged by a few friends lately to "name my rescue program".. I never really considered it that, I figured I was just helping dogs in need... but we have now talked about Fundraisers, Car Shows and so much more.. I can't wait to get this ball rolling & see how far it goes.. THANKS!

I would love to put my networking & computer skills to use for helping desparate pitbulls & other animals who cannot help or speak for themselves! I am hoping to always have relevant information and provide an online atmosphere that gets people and their pitbulls the assistance they need & deserve!
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